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More Than Friends

A Friends-To-Lovers Romance

Jasmine King is a successful actress living in London. She has everything going for her... career wise. In the love department, her life is a disaster area. After yet another failed relationship, she decides to take a long overdue trip back to the place she was born, Guyana.

What she doesn't count on was that the trip would force her to once again confront some long buried feelings she had for an old friend. Ten years should have been more than enough to put those emotions behind her. But what Jasmine quickly realises is that fate had other plans for her.

Stefan Hathaway was now a strikingly handsome man, with even more magnetism and charm than he had years ago. Women were still throwing themselves at him. Jasmine finds that not only is her old attraction still there, but it has exploded! How will she navigate this predicament and not make a fool out of herself? Would Stefan still see her as one of the guys? Is finding out if there could be more between them this time, really worth risking their friendship?

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More Than Friends book cover

Let's Play

Era Capoeira series, Book 1

Gabriela Espinosa is no 007!

Let's get that straight! What she is, is the owner of La Duquesa, a high end night club in the Centre of London. In Book 1 of the Era Capoeira series, she meets a man one night who will ignite her passions. The meeting happens quite by accident... because she is spying! As Let's Play begins, Gabriela is called by the rich, often sensual music of Capoeira. If she hadn't been in the right place at the right time, they might never have met. But from the moment they first lay eyes on each other, the spell was cast...

Sean Lancaster is a successful hotelier in the prime of his life. His business is growing leaps and bounds and his life has been enriched by Capoeira, a martial art which he has loved since he was a teenager. He has no complaints. But one night, a chance encounter with a stunningly intoxicating woman has Sean realising that maybe there is something missing in his perfect life.

He just had to hope that after he gives her a business card, she actually contacts him.

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Let's Play book cover

Playing With Fire

Era Capoeira series, Book 2

In Playing With Fire, Book 2 of the martial arts series, Era Capoeira, we meet Javier Martínez and Luna Michaels. Their story begins with a one night stand. The connection between them is instantaneous. One look into her golden-brown eyes and Javier is hooked. The problem was that he had no business being attracted to Luna or any other woman for that matter, right now. His trip to London was supposed to be a short one. Javier’s life at home in Spain and the past he was still dealing with, ensured that he would stick to that plan.

Luna had been to many of the Capoeira workshops at the school she’d been a part of for years. They were the highlight of the season and she always looked forward to them. This year, however, she meets one particular invitee, who she simply cannot resist, nor does she want to.

When their one night of passion comes to an end, Javier walks away from it feeling guilt-ridden, and Luna, with a little surprise.

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Playing With Fire book cover

Poetry on Love, Lust & Love

Vol. 1 & 2

In the moments when my emotions are the most intense and to the surface, writing them down like this is how I sort out what's happening with me. Putting pen to paper and noting what I'm feeling in the same moment that I'm experiencing it, I find, helps me to tap into elements of it, which I might not be able access in the same way again.

This is a series in two volumes, and explores elements of LOVE, LUST & LOSS, that I've experienced and endured. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent, so to speak, or guilty, as the case may be. But, as you'll see, specific individuals will be easily identifiable.

Writing these, in moments I wrote them, was painful at times. But I hope that you'll be able to identify with the twenty-something girl I was here, who was trying to navigate and battle with the ebb and flow of LOVE, the pleasure and torment of LUST and the devastating impact of LOSS... (of love).

Love Lust Loss Vol1 book cover
Love Lust Loss Vol2 book cover

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