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I fell in love with romance novels as a teenager.  Throughout my life, I have consumed them ravenously.  I started writing my own a few years after reading my first.  Nothing could stop me after that.

I love to write strong female leads, primarily women of colour.  My ladies are vibrant, worldly and not afraid of a challenge.  My male leads are irresistible and smouldering and will stop at nothing to win their prize.

You'll laugh, maybe shed a little tear and drown in the worlds I like to weave.

Shonel Jackson

Era Capoeira, Book 2

In Playing With Fire, Book 2 of the martial arts series, Era Capoeira, we meet Javier Martínez and Luna Michaels. Their story begins with a one night stand. The connection between them is instantaneous. One look into her golden-brown eyes and Javier is hooked. The problem was that he had no business being attracted to Luna or any other woman for that matter, right now. His trip to London was supposed to be a short one. Javier’s life at home in Spain and the past he was still dealing with, ensured that he would stick to that plan.

Luna had been to many of the Capoeira workshops at the school she’d been a part of for years. They were the highlight of the season and she always looked forward to them. This year, however, she meets one particular invitee, who she simply cannot resist, nor does she want to.

When their one night of passion comes to an end, Javier walks away from it feeling guilt-ridden, and Luna, with a little surprise.

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Latest Release  -  5th December 2022

Playing With Fire

 I loved how much of the Brazilian martial arts the author included... utilizing capoeira as a setting at times gave a great fun, competitive, and push and pull atmosphere that works fantastic for a romance. 

- Amazon review

Praise & Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this international love story and look forward eagerly to the next instalment.

- Goodreads review

This story is an instalove interracial steamy erotic contemporary romance. The characters are loveable with great chemistry and a happy ending.

- BookBub review

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